Snapshot Highlights
  • Fully Custom WordPress Template
  • Customized, User-Managed Microsites
  • Richly Configured WordPress Plugins
  • Custom PHP/Ajax “Find a Doctor”
  • Doctor Database Integration with 3rd Party
Norwalk Hospital had been maintaining a website that did not benefit the caliber of the institution. In collaboration with our creative partners, we developed a customized solution based on the WordPress platform.
Our team conducted extensive staff interviews over several weeks to understand each department’s goals and to coalesce them into a cohesive site strategy
For a typical online business, a “conversion” is simple to quantify, and the target audience easy to define. A site visitor might purchase a product, make a phone call, or reach out for information. A visitor is typically a prospective client. For Norwalk Hospital, these core concepts are not nearly as black and white. Physicians, medical administrators, marketing, and support staff each had differing opinions on the goals for the new site. Our solution included not only a fully custom look and feel, but a powerful content management approach that put each department in charge of their own digital destiny. Each department has the ability to manage their own content, calendar of events, and media gallery. At the same time, controls were implemented that allows the marketing department editorial control and enforces consistent navigation.
Our team also implemented a new “Find A Doctor” function on the site
The “Find A Doctor” functionality automatically synchronizes information between the website and an external service provider. This feature gives patients and their loved ones an easy way to search and learn about the physicians in the institution.
After completion of the site, we offered a series of             face-­to-­face training classes to prepare stakeholders across the organization to effectively manage their content. The attendees quickly engaged, leaving the sessions capable of taking full ownership  of their content.
Today, Norwalk Hospital’s web presence reflects the same excellence as their quality of care.