Snapshot Highlights
  • Rich Customization of WordPress Templates
  • Social Media/SEO Consultation
  • Customized Product Filters
  • SEM and SEO-Targeted Landing Pages
Isam turned to our team to develop, maintain, optimize, and promote his premiere site, Rug Pad Corner
He tasked us with giving Rug Pad Corner a clean, upscale aesthetic with impeccable e­-commerce capabilities. Working with our creative partner, we delivered on that vision. Built from the ground up on a foundation of WordPress and WooCommerce, the new affords site visitors an ideal user experience and inviting, informative content.
Like any other successful e­-commerce site, Rug Pad Corner is a focal point for a variety of inbound marketing initiatives
Our SEO team works in close collaboration with the Kaoud team, pouring through analytics on site performance and search frequencies to uncover opportunities to capture relevant organic search traffic. New content in the form of blog entries and landing pages are added to the site frequently to capitalize on these findings. We regularly brainstorm improvements to the user experience on the site, drawing from UX knowledge, industry trends, and analytics reports to make iterative enhancements that drive up customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Our SEM team helps to steer the company’s Google AdWords advertising program. Both traditional and remarketing campaigns are leveraged to deliver a consistent 400% return on investment
Our work with Mr. Kaoud and his family ­run company is a model for what a truly collaborative relationship can accomplish. We have worked hand in hand to develop an extremely successful program for identifying and engaging with social influencers. Similarly, we combine our digital marketing know-­how with their in-house subject matter expertise to deliver compelling, relevant blog content.

We take great pride in our joint success.
Today, Mr. Kaoud’s internet properties appear on the first page of the SERPs (search engine result pages) for terms like “rug pads”­ rivaled only by big box retailers. Visits, conversions, and revenue all continue to climb. Our relationship continues to be a strong partnership which we are honored to grow.