Snapshot Highlights
  • 6 week Turnaround for Complete Migration from Ruby to WordPress
  • Social Integration
  • e-Commerce Integration with Shopify and Chargify
  • Live Webcast Planning and Execution
The team at X2 had ambitious plans and an evolving business
As a fast-­moving organization, they needed a web development agency that could provide the flexibility and executional capability required to keep up. Our team stepped in and assumed responsibility for maintenance of and enhancement to an existing site built on Ruby on Rails, Shopify, and Chargify. Our agile developers slashed the turnaround time for site enhancements, allowing X2 to deliver quickly on time­-sensitive online marketing initiatives.
X2 also needed to be ready to scale out their internal IT processes for an anticipated explosion in growth
Orders coming in through online sales channels required fulfillment and appropriate accounting. The process was highly manual, requiring many hours that the lean team could not afford to spend. Our software development team, skilled in application integration, developed an automated workflow to improve this process. Shopify, Chargify, Paypal, and Quickbooks are now all seamlessly connected, allowing orders to be received, payments processed, accounts balanced, and requisitions fulfilled in smooth transition.

Meanwhile, our team suggested a conversion from Ruby on Rails to WordPress, a recommendation targeted at giving the business more direct, immediate control over their content

The team orchestrated a six-­week rush development effort to deploy a new site with a fresh design. The navigational structure and content were re­architected with SEO in mind to position the company for increased organic search growth.The new site coupled a highly customized WordPress template with original creative to deliver a polished new look. The team used the rich ecosystem of WordPress plugins to create engaging content, such as the “Team X2” social mashup.

Today, X2 has transformed their website from a largely static online brochure to an easily maintained marketing vehicle for the organization. The company has used the site to drive promotions, host webcasts, engage with their growing social following, and to become an educational resource for the fitness community.