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Who We Are

All Points Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Connecticut with a global reach. We are a team of passionate, dedicated marketing and development professionals who pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of the curve through data-driven innovation. We embrace new and emerging technologies and create long-lasting partnerships through enhanced, ROI-driven marketing strategies.
Our team of expert marketers, creative thinkers, and technologists help our clients navigate the process of digital brand building and business growth in today’s fast-paced world. We are strong believers that a connected world is best served by connected thinking, and we incorporate that approach in to our marketing initiatives.

Meet Our Team


Jason Mazur

Online Marketing Director & Founding Partner

Jason leads APD's online marketing activities. A digital marketing leader for over a decade, he has been creating and implementing best practices since the dawn of SEO. With a Computer Information Systems degree from Bentley University, he actively works with clients to push their online presence ahead of competition.


Jamie Mazur

Technical Architect & Founding Partner

Jamie architects All Points Digital's web and software development projects and has 15 years of experience as a software engineer, architect, and technology executive. He has developed successful commercial products and web-related patents. Jamie is a Phi Beta Kappa alumnus of Trinity College, where he was named the Presidential Scholar in Computer Science.

Courtney Wienslaw

Courtney Hiller

All Points Social, Founding Partner

Courtney leads social media and customer experience for All Points Digital. She is an adjunct professor of Social Media Marketing and Customer Experience Management at Sacred Heart University's Jack Welch College of Business Graduate School. With a Master’s Degree from Newcastle University in Cross-Cultural Communication & International Marketing, she helps clients to understand their customers better and connect with them more effectively.


Kristen Rakoczy

Digital Media Director

As a senior level marketing professional, Kristen is focused on driving digital acquisition and growth strategies for our clients. With over 15 years of agency side experience, Kristen has worked across many industry verticals, developing and implementing digital strategies for brands and businesses. Her passion is developing cross-channel digital marketing plans that help influence customer behaviors through the decision making process and purchasing funnel; analyzing data trends and identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies.

Kathleen Skrzyniarz

Senior Project Manager

Kathleen oversees the web development efforts of a team of software engineers by fostering an environment of open communication and well defined priorities in her role as Senior Project Manager. In addition to management, Kathleen also executes as a front-end developer working on large-scale web development projects, client feature requests and product improvements. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut. In her free time you'll find her cooking delicious meals alongside her fiancé, spending time with family, traveling or cuddling with her two cats Kylo and Vader.


Caitlin Bagley

Digital Marketing Strategist

Caitlin specializes in social media, content marketing and SEO strategy. She spent six years in the news industry as a writer, editor, homepage curator and social media manager for various media outlets. With a master’s in Digital Marketing from Sacred Heart University and a love for the written word, Caitlin tells each client’s story thoughtfully and carefully within the digital realm.


Joel Whipple

Account Director

Joel contributes to social media and content marketing plans that are vital to developing brand awareness and community engagement. His background includes roles in financial services and advising micro-entrepreneurs. Joel holds degrees in Information Design and Corporate Communications, as well as an MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies, from Bentley University.

Heather Hamrick

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Director

Heather specializes in SEO strategy and execution for All Points Digital. With a degree in Computer Information Systems, she has a strong understanding of how development and technical aspects of a website play an important role in SEO. With 8+ years of experience, she continues to increase her knowledge in the field, recently completing Google’s coveted global digital marketing course, Squared Online.

Alexa Rudy

Paid Search Supervisor

Alexa specializes in paid search. With 6 years of retail search experience, Alexa delivers quality work ensuring that all accounts are consistently delivering the best results possible while testing new opportunities and evaluating results. With a PR degree from SUNY Oswego, Alexa is able to put her clients first with the ability to develop close relationships and exceed client expectations. When Alexa isn’t working, she can be found playing hockey, eating delicious foods or traveling.

Elise Cafferata

Project Manager


Julianna Carbone

Senior Paid Search Strategist

Julianna specializes in paid search and drives campaign performance drawing from her experience managing accounts across a range of industries including retail, health, telecommunications, apartment rentals and home improvement. She is Google Ads certified and has completed Google's Squared Online marketing leadership course. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Marketing. Outside of APD, you'll find her traveling, sewing leather goods, in a spin class, or in the kitchen.


Eric Mazur

Healthcare Advisor

Eric is a seasoned physician executive who joined All Points Digital after retiring from a 30+ year career as a clinician, research scientist, medical educator, health care executive, and physician leader. Prior to joining All Points Digital, for 20 years, Dr. Mazur served as Chairman of Internal Medicine and then Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Norwalk Hospital in CT. Dr. Mazur was graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a BSE in Aeronautical and Mechanical Sciences and Alpha Omega Alpha from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine from which he received his MD.


Travis LeSaffre

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Travis is an SEO Specialist who has been working in the digital marketing field for nearly a decade. Specializing in technical SEO, he strives to ensure clients have the best chance to succeed in generating organic traffic. Since graduating Emerson College in 2010, Travis has been driven to enhance his skill sets, including receiving certifications in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Mikhail Solntsev

Software Developer


Slava Merezhko

Software Developer

A software developer - or, rather, tinkerer, with strong interpersonal skills and passion for psychology and technology. In other words, Slava knows how to get the things done with software and make people happy about it. While not at work, he reads poetry, writes, and doing burpee + jumping rope workouts.

Rayah Bio Photo

Rayah Mashood

SEO Strategist

Rayah found her passion for digital marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she earned a degree in Marketing. Rayah specializes in SEO to help drive organic results including both content and technical aspects of website optimization. Working closely with the SEO director, Rayah helps providing clients with data driven insights through her recent Google Analytics Certification and knowledge of cross-channel marketing.


Jeff Klein

Photography / Videography / Animation

Jeff is a photographer, motion graphics artist, and video editor. He has experience working on a wide-variety of video projects including TV and web commercials, sales videos, corporate presentations, digitals billboards, and training videos. Photography includes products, corporate headshots, and real estate.

Erin Goettelmann

Social Media Strategist

Erin creates and manages social media content and campaigns. With a BFA from New York University, her unique background in the performing arts is coupled with an extensive resume in the food industry. With limitless creativity and range, Erin delivers value for clients in a variety of areas.

Courtney Phillips


Courtney has more than 15 years of experience in strategic and operational sales and marketing primarily focused in multi-family residential. She also has extensive knowledge of risk management, asset re-positioning, employee recruitment, team leadership and property operations in many diverse housing markets across the country

What Makes Us Different

We believe that people can only truly achieve greatness with passion. While our skillsets and interests may vary, we all truly love our work. We enjoy refining our individual crafts and bringing them together to deliver results for our clients.

We understand that when you hire us, you expect a return on the hard­ earned money you are investing. We hold ourselves accountable for not only delivering on our promises, but also for contributing to your company’s success.

We believe that open and frequent communication is critical. We have heard far too many horror stories of contractors, freelancers, and agencies that become mysteriously unresponsive for days or weeks on end. At no point will All Points be unresponsive. When you need us, we will be there.

Without a dose of humility, it is impossible to brainstorm, to learn, and to grow. We have confidence in our capabilities, but we do not know everything. We’ll let you know when we don’t know something, or when someone else may have a better solution. Then, we’ll pool our resources and work tirelessly to find the best solution.

Our team is ready to help yours.

Let’s discover new opportunities for your brand.